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Carloop GPS

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Plug this GPS into your Carloop to make the most compact programmable vehicle tracker!

The Carloop GPS comes with:

Carloop GPS is a standalone GPS/GNSS Module.

It is designed to plug directly into the Carloop Basic (with Particle Photon), Carloop 3G (with Particle Electron) and Carloop Bluetooth (with Redbear Duo) using the two included 12 pin extension headers.

The uBlox SAM-M8Q module is a high performance, easy to use satellite navigation receiver with an onboard ceramic antenna receiver. It can receive signals from GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellites. It connects to the microcontroller via UART serial. This module has many advanced options that can be configured using the uBlox u-center software.

The micro SD card makes it ideal for creating an offline CAN and GPS data logger.

The 3-axis accelerometer can be used to detect vehicle motion.

Getting the GPS position, writing to a file or getting the device orientation is as straightforward as adding the Carloop library to your program.

See the Carloop GPS schematic for the pinout information.

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