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Carloop CAN hitch - a CAN transceiver breakout board

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Carloop’s CAN hitch is the easiest way to connect any microcontroller with CAN to a physical CAN bus. Complete with a CAN transceiver and 2 green headers to connect to physical wires. Use it as a prototyping PCB to send and receive CAN messages with the Particle Photon, Particle Electron, RedBear Duo, and many more microcontrollers that have CAN!

Github repo:

With the CAN Hitch you can:

  • Bridge two pairs of CAN wires on the same CAN bus
  • Connect any microcontroller with CAN bus (STM32F, etc)
  • Comes with 120 ohm terminator resistor - can be removed
  • Runs with 3.3V from microcontroller regulated power

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